Compression Stockings

Important Notes

  • Stockings can take up to three weeks for delivery so please inquire early to ensure your stockings will arrive in time for your appointment.
  • The stockings you purchase must be at least thigh-high and at a compression level of 20-30mmHg.
  • Compression stockings may be covered by your insurance so please check with your insurance provider for details

Stocking Vendors

ONLINE: Ames Walker offers high-quality, comfortable compression stockings at a good price. Their website also has a helpful sizing chart and video on how to put on your stockings. Stockings come in thigh-high, panty hose, and leotard options.

LOCAL: Call the stocking vendor of choice and discuss your needs before going in to order your stockings. Most require an appointment and will assist you in selecting the appropriate size.


Black Oak Home Medical
4800 Crater Lake Ave., Medford, OR

Black Oak Pharmacy
2924 Siskiyou Blvd., Medford, OR

Hanger P & O
1840 E Barnett Ste. A, Medford, OR

Pacific Medical
2780 E Barnett Rd, Ste 110, Medford, OR

Spectrum P & O
1180 Crater Lake Ave., Medford, OR

Home Health Medical Express
1700 Nebraska Ave.  Ste. B, Grants Pass

McLain’s Drug Center
301 SE 6th St., Grants Pass

Spectrum P & O
1825 Nebraska Ave., Grants Pass

Phoenix Pharmacy
404 N. Main, Phoenix, OR

Ashland Drug
275 E Main St., Ashland, OR

Medical Center Supply
742 S Main St., Yreka, CA

Chetco Pharmacy & Gifts
890 Chetco Ave., Brookings, OR

How to Measure for Stockings

  1. Measure FIRST THING in the morning when you get up for the most accurate measurements.
  2. Use the guidelines in the diagram below to find the proper measuring locations.
  3. Record your measurements.
  4. If you prefer, you may download the Measuring Guide (PDF).

How To Measure for Stockings

How to Put your Stockings On

How to Put Stockings On

(Diagram and Measuring Guide supplied by Ames Walker.)



Compression in the stockings is good for 6 months with everyday wear, providing they are laundered with a “stocking cleanser” or Ivory BAR soap. “Liquid” soaps will destroy the integrity of the compression fibers. Stocking cleansers are also available at local medical supply outlets and pharmacies.


Approximately 25 million Americans are affected by varicose veins.